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We deliver software solutions for business

We understand business processes and software development, and love to deliver successful outcomes to our clients

What we do

  • Business Solutions

    Before starting a project, we need to understand how the success of the project will be measured. It's our way of ensuring that both we and our clients will be happy at the end of the process.

  • Experience

    Our founders have been writing software for 20+ years each, and have worked with government and corporations. We now bring our experience to the mid-market, without the enterprise software bloat and price.

  • Flexibility

    We can work on fixed price, or time and materials, and we can adjust our approach to meet your parameters.

Meet the team

  • Sean

    Sean, whilst loving software development, is more excited by meeting up with the clients, working through project requirements and figuring out how the solution can work. Outside work, he spends his time chasing family around sporting fields and school events, and in pursuit of the perfect photo.

  • Nigel

    Nigel is our technical lead, and enjoys working with the local development community, running meetup events. He also knows the location of every katsu curry outlet in SE QLD.

  • Tom

    Tom loves nothing more than a problem, particularly if that problem can be solved with code. When he can be removed from his computer, he's generally in the process of tracking down something delicious or planning an adventure for the weekend.

  • Geoff

    Geoff is our secret weapon for team Trivia nights as well as tricky software solutions. His encyclopedic knowledge of Anime is impressive to behold, whilst slurping Ramen.

  • Mitchell

    Equipped with an inquiring mind, a permanent attachment to his keyboard and a razor sharp wit; Mitchell is a developer who is constantly researching new languages and patterns to assist in problem solving. Away from his laptop, you’ll find him playing games or searching for the next best holiday spot.

  • Mitchell

    Mitchell is currently studying mathematics, but when his head's not full of algebra, he gets to work with the rest of the team, building our solutions. He is still deciding on his signature dish, but suspects it will just end up being packet noodles.

  • Aubrey

    Aubrey enjoys working on admin tasks, creating and updating time reports and working on some agendas whilst listening to some good music. On weekends, she enjoys watching Once Upon A Time or hiking some of the highest peaks of the Philippines as part of her adventures.

  • Rob

    Rob has been building web solutions since the last century. One of his favourite things is to work through a system, come up with a nice design and implement it. His other favourite things include his wife, family and dancing cuban salsa.

  • Matt

    Armed with an emoji for every occasion and a voracious appetite for information, Matt loves crafting creative solutions to client projects. When not glued to a screen, he can be found at local board game meetups or questing for the perfect cup of coffee.

  • Will

    Will loves working cross-functionally with clients, creative and development teams to get things done. Will believes in UX as a governing philosophy for all things in life, and also loves gardening, building stuff, smoking meats and fermenting things.

    • Anna

      Annuradha is a developer who loves learning new skills and who is fascinated by different web frameworks. Away from her computer, Anna enjoys cooking different cuisines, singing karaoke and shuffling her Tarot cards. She is constantly on the lookout for a dog or cat to play with.

Get in contact with us


Pop in for a chat

We are based in Brisbane and we can pop in for a chat with you to discuss your requirements. We also like to catch up over a coffee, and the coffee’s on us!